Wednesday, July 24, 2013

McLobster, a real McDisaster!

While most McDonald's headlines have been about the Despicable Me minions and the Asian pandemonium that ensued, apparently lobster prices are at a 30-year low in Canada. So what happens? The fabled McLobster, a seasonal treat previously available only in New Brunswick, Nova Scotia and Prince Edward Island, has now made its way to Ontario.

Today, I bought me one at the McD's closest to my place.
open ontario lobster prices
McLobster arrives in Ontario!

McCutthroat: $6.79 plus tax and if you want a meal combo, it’s $8.99.
Not happy with the size.
It's smaller than even the Prosperity Burger and Samurai Burger back in Malaysia.
mclobster sex
Although it does taste like real lobster meat and none of that reconstituted pulp, let me tell you now that this is the most underwhelming experience ever for something you call McLobster.
The verdict? Simulated crab sticks in mayo tastes infinitely better, I kid you not.

McLobster. A real McDisaster. Never again.