Friday, July 20, 2012

The day Batman shopped at Walmart


Guess who came to the Walmart next to my apartment?

While the Aurora, Colorado theatre shooting is certainly most unfortunate, let's have some happy news instead and not let one crazy mofo spoil what ought to be a fun and exciting time, which is the opening weekend of the most anticipated movie ever in cinema history - Christopher Nolan's The Dark Knight Rises (2012).

As I was heading back from the Mississauga Rotary Ribfest this evening, I decided to stop by Walmart to do a little shopping. That's when I saw this dark monster, parked like a cunt across two spots.

I saw the Tumbler last month in Toronto as part of Warner's official Tumbler Tour promo stint but the guy behind this is just an ordinary fan! A roadworthy Batmobile, complete with Ontario licence plates even! Now you must be thinking - how the hell is this car legal? The owner of Batman89, a friendly guy who definitely enjoyed the attention, explained that it was only just.

Friendly Glenn, who even bloody resembled Michael Keaton, told us that it took 4000 labour hours to build this mean machine, which is actually a drag race car. When asked how much it cost, he replied: "Too much."

No rear view mirrors - but it comes installed with a rear view cameras. Super!

I guess this is the 80s model which doesn't have the "Intimidate" function shown in The Dark Knight (2008)?

Man looks a bit like Michael Keaton too, doesn't he!

Got a pretty wife to boot. Who says fancy cars won't get you far! And yes, she climbed in.

 Imagine seeing this pull up beside you at a traffic light on the road!

Thanks for the show, Batman. Mississauga's criminals better batten down the hatches!