Saturday, June 9, 2012

What does a Malay girl tell her dad when she loses her virginity?

Wanna hear a really sick joke I heard in a movie?

... It's from an acclaimed Danish crime movie called Pusher II (2004).

"Dude, I just got this new girl in the house, right? A really nice, little cunt. Then last night, I was doing her doggy-style in the bathtub, right? Then suddenly, she slipped in the foam and smacked her teeth on the edge - four teeth out her mouth. Must have hurt like shit, dude. But don't worry, it's only her baby teeth."

Sick, innit.

... which reminds me of a racist joke I heard, for those of you who understand Malay...

"What does a Malay girl tell her dad when she loses her virginity?"

- "Jangan kuat sangat, ayah."

Fuckin sick, innit.

Yet, nobody wants to face to truth behind these jokes. That's why they never print the names.

Anyway, on a global scale, that's also why this innocuous image will register more hits than any other post on this blog - due to the horde of paedos online, searchin for the right keywords.

For fuck sake, I can even see their search words from my stats counter.

See, I'm an agent of chaos. But we're not talkin about robbin banks anymore, are we?