Saturday, November 17, 2012

Syrian Opposition Protest Rally in Mississauga

This matter is no joke but I had nowhere else to upload it but on this blog, so please save your bullets for someone more deserving.

This has nothing to do with movies but as I was on my way to catch a bus downtown to watch a movie, I found myself in the middle of a protest rally. I believe the effort is identified as the Walk 4 Children Of Syria (Facebook, Twitter, website) and I was caught in the Mississauga leg of the international event, happening simultaneously across several locations yesterday, 17 November 2012.

This is not my war but I thought I'd upload the pictures for you anyway because every humanitarian cause deserves as much attention it can get.

The crowd was about 300 strong and they walked right outside my apartment, which is where I joined them. One guy had a loudspeaker and people shouted out: "When I say FREEDOM, you say NOW", "FREE SYRIA NOW", and "FREE GAZA NOW".

Police escort is customary. No casualties were reported. In fact, I think one of the officers helped a young mum who had a busted pram wheel. There were babies, kids and old folks. Spirits were high.

Flying the Syrian Opposition flag in Mississauga.
"In Syria, playgrounds turn into graveyards."